Draw Manga - step-by-step turtorial

Friday, May 23, 2008 |

Read this guide on how to draw manga, and then watch the video turtorial below to watch how it's done in action.

Why Draw Manga?

The Japanese translation means, "impromptu pictures." In other words, free hand drawings, but it is now more closely associated with anime comics and cartoons. While the popularity of anime didn't catch on until after World War II, manga drawing is an ancient Japanese art form.

Types of Manga Drawing

Japanese "comics" do not just cover action heroes and science fiction like traditional American cartoons. They also delve into business, sports and even historical relevance – so the application is much more broad. You don't have to limit your cartoon drawing just to super heroes any more!

The Key to Effectively Draw Manga

In any anime type drawing, the eyes are the distinguishing factor and the most critical piece. Female characters, in particular, are knows to have very large and well-defined eyes. This is generally the focal point of the art piece and a good starting place.

Watch this video of an anime expert as he teaches you how to get started with drawing anime eyes. We'll come back and discuss specific techniques, details and the tools you need in another lesson.


Anonymous said...

dude your speed sketch is very educational.. thanks for the video

XIA said...

Nice vids, I always like that one on youtube.

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