How to Draw Naruto 2

Sunday, June 8, 2008 |

Everyone seems to want to want to learn how to draw Naruto, but who is this person?

Naruto is a popular Japanese anime character on the Cartoon Network. He's a jumpy little ninja that is just trying to seek approval from hi town so he can become the next leader. Unfortunately some things from the past keep most of the villagers from liking him, but Naruto is on a quest to change that.

As a young ninja, ninja with good qualities, there is plenty reason for kids to be attracted to him and may even want to be like him. Well, now they can live through Naruto by drawing pictures of him on their notebooks and scrap paper.

Here's the basic steps on how to draw Naruto:

  1. First start by drawing a basic, round face. As with any cartoon, anime drawing, you want to use big circles to add the eyes, cheeks and chin.
  2. The next step is to start doodling what will be the eyes. These should also be pretty big, as manga drawings tend to have big eyes and pupils.
  3. Now add the ears on both sides of the face, and a small nose right in the center.
  4. Add some facial features, such as lips and eyebrows, and you have a basic Naruto skeleton.

You might want to add some shading and shadows to include more detail and add some expression to his face by making some eyebrows and dimples. Once you have the basic frame for Naruto outlined, you can start filling in the details to make it actually look like the cartoon character.

Finish your drawing by watching this step-by-step video on how to draw Naruto and other anime characters. Visit How to Draw Things now.


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